We offer reliable SIC service since 2003. Most importantly, we are the leader who formulated the Chinese National Standard of Silicon Carbide Products.

Our Services

Sic silicon carbide seal

SIC Seal

It includes ceramic mechanical seals and rings. Of course, we can design them according to your drawings.

Sic silicon carbide crucible

SiC Crucible

It includes silicon carbide melting crucible and saggers. For example, they can be used for melting aluminium, iron and other metals.

Sic silicon carbide plates

SiC Plate

It includes silicon carbide SIC tiles, bricks, bulletproof plate. Therefore, we most use them as frame for industrial furnaces.

SiC Pipes

It includes SIC beam, roller, radiant tube, heat exchanger. That is to say, we usually use them for thermocouple protection.

SiC Spare parts

We design them according to your drawings. Therefore, the applications are diverse. For example, silicon carbide wear resistance.

SiC Nozzle

It includes ceramic burner nozzle, sandblasting nozzle and desulfurization spray nozzle.  In other words, you will need them mostly for environment protection industry.

Why us?

Advanced Equipments

Advanced equipments can improve the quality of goods directly.

Certified Experience

Our engineers are with high level study experience and working experience.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing will help you take up more markets in this industry.

Quality Guarantee

We will make our drawings for you to confirm the dimensions.

24 Years Experience

We manufacture and supply SIC ceramic products for 24 years.

Great Support

Quality Control Systems and professional suggestions will let you get our better offer.

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