SiSiC hydrocyclone, Cyclone components

SiSiC Hydrocyclone, generally called SIC Cyclone. The components include: overflow discharge,  Feed, vortex finder, Upper cone, lower cone, Apex, Skirt, underflow discharge. Some cyclone liners are protected with resin and steel shell. And some cyclone liners are with polyurethane(PU). Please check the attached photos.

The outlet at the cylindrical section is called the vortex finder and extends into the cyclone to reduce short-circuit flow directly from the inlet. Although SIC (silicon carbide) cyclone is much more expensive than alumina cyclone. For mining and processing minerals, it is your best and perfect choice.

Projects in Chile: Cone Hydrocyclone,  Apex Hydrocyclone, Splash Hydrocyclone

Materials: Sintered Silicon Carbide, RBSIC, SISIC, SIC, sintered carbide coatings

SiC hydrocyclone
SiSiC hydrocyclone
sic cyclone apex