SIC/SSIC bearing, shaft, sleeve

SSIC bearing, in some countries people usually discribe it as SSIC shaft, SSIC sleeve, SSIC ring or SIC shaft, SIC sleeve, SIC ring.

Silicon carbide seal bearings are with high temperature resistance. SiSiC bearings can withstand 1380C, SSiC bearings can withstand 1600C at most.  Silicon carbide bearings are with high strength and excellent hardness.  SSIC bearings are with good corrosion and oxidization resistance.  SIC bearings are with strict tolerance and good surface roughness. We can customizes the sizes according to your drawings.

Data sheet for SSIC bearings:

Max Working TemperatureºC13801600
Open Porosity%<0.1<0.1
Bending StrengthMpa (20ºC)250>400
Moudulus of ElasticityGpa(20ºC)330420
Thermal ConductivityW/m.k4574
Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionK-1 x 10-64.54.1
Vickers Hardness HVGpa2022
Acid, Alkaline ResistanceExcellentExcellent
SSIC bearing

SIC bearing