SIC Nozzle

Silicon carbide burner nozzle is mainly used in kiln furnace,some customers also it called silicon carbide burner,silicon carbide lance,silicon carbide tube.It can use in roller kiln furnace,tunnel kiln furnace,shuttle kiln furnace and many other kinds of kiln furnaces,one of its biggest feature is act as a high temperature resistant part.It is the best alternative material to stainless steel.Silicon carbide burner nozzle is an ideal combustion chamber for various industrial furnaces such as gas and fuel furnaces.Reaction sintering silicon carbide burner nozzle is composed of α-SIC powder, graphite powder,mixed additives and organic binders,and sintering in a 1700 degree vacuum furnace to fully react the silicon carbide powder with carbon.The final porosity is almost 0,in particular, some customers’ burning substances are kerosene, diesel, etc.Low porosity can prevent oil leakage,our silicon carbide burner nozzle have helped many customers solve the problem.

Silicon Carbide Burner Nozzle

Reaction sintering silicon carbide burner nozzle is the best product to replace imports and has already adopted by most well-known domestic and foreign furnace companies and manufactures,suitable for ceramic, chemical, glass, metallurgy and other industries,and also suitable for industrial furnaces using natural gas, liquefied gas, coal gas, diesel, etc.The maximum using temperature is divided into 1650° c and 1380° c.Sub-firearms most obviously regulate the temperature of wide-body kilns,when used with a burner,it can guarantee complete combustion and effective control the cross-section temperature difference of the furnace,also effectively control the temperature equilibrium of kiln.The materials include recrystallized silicon carbide(RSiC) and reaction sintering silicon carbide(SiSiC),we will choose the most reasonable material for you according to different temperature and conditions.

Great for you

Silicon carbide spray nozzle can be used in cleaning machinery manufacturing, painting equipment manufacturing, agriculture and automotive manufacturing,has high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, high strength and other characteristics.The basic principle of dust removal of this product is to use a water spray mist to wet the dust particles.increase their particle size and specific gravity, and then separate them from the atmosphere or smoke.Now we mainly introduce ways to choose ceramic silicon carbide nozzle for everyone.

Make it happen

  1. Silicon carbide spray nozzle with a certain impact should use a small angle silicon carbide spray  nozzle,with liquid column flow (jet) as the best.
  2. The fan-shaped nozzle is suitable for cleaning, degreasing, cooling, etc. The cone-shaped nozzle is suitable for drifting, surface phosphating, humidifying, dust removal, etc.
  3. The venturi stirring nozzle should be installed in the storage tank.An example of a “H” type stirring nozzle (also known as a Venturi nozzle),at a certain pressure,the bath solution is mixed with the inhaled liquid at the entrance,then Spray out with a 1:4 flow rate,Achieves the effect of solute mixing without air mixing, thus preventing precipitation because agitation ensures uniform mixing of the chemical solution.
  4. Degreasing and washing process nozzles,can choose jet nozzle with strong impact,for example,the  “V” type fan nozzle,its spray angle is best at 60°, with greater impact strength.
  5. Phosphating process nozzles can choose fine atomization, uniform water droplets, impact force weak centrifugal nozzle,for example,”Z” type,also called cone nozzle,the best distance of the nozzle from the workpiece is 40cm ~ 50cm, with dispersion, atomized liquid effect.

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