SIC Plate

Silicon carbide plate is generally used in the ceramic industry, but silicon carbide products can also be used in the industrial industry. The characteristics of silicon carbide refractory plate are because it is outstanding in all aspects, good wear and tear resistance and strong bearing capacity.The industrial application of silicon carbide sheets is very extensive and environmentally friendly.

The service life of silicon carbide sheets is largely determined by the rationality of the silicon carbide production process. When making sanitary ceramics, high-voltage electromagnetic products, the scaffolding on the kiln car needs to bear a lot of load.Therefore, the strength of silicon carbide products has a very important significance.According to the thermal stress during roasting, it is better to choose dense silicon carbide material with strong oxidation resistance.

Silicon Carbide Shelves

Characteristics of silicon carbide refractory plate: The application of silicon carbide load-bearing plates is because it has very good advantages, and these advantages are more important factors in its development.

Great for you

  1. Good oxidation resistance. It can adapt to oxidizing atmosphere and reducing atmosphere of ceramics. Under normal operation and normal firing condition, the usage turnover is more than 500-1000 times.
  2. High density. The silicon carbide sheet has a high density and a smooth surface, do not fall slag when using.
  3. High temperature compression and flexural strength. The slab can be used on one side for a long time, no need to turn over, no deformation.
  4. Good heat and cold resistance. Quick cold resistant and quick heat resistant,not easy to crack when using.
  5. Wide temperature range for firing. It can be used in the range of 800℃ to 1400℃.

Make it happen

The steel mold semi-dry forming process is applied to the high-tonnage hydraulic press and vibration forming machine, the forming pressure is required to be 600-800kgfcm2. In order to reduce the pressure transmission deviation during the pressing process,use volatile kerosene lubrication molds to reduce friction during molding,the density of the formed embryo body is required to reach 2.6g/cm3, the dimensional error of the product is required to be controlled within ±0.5%, and the flatness is required to be controlled within the range of 0.2-0.5%.

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