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During the operation of the coal power plant’s powder making, ash residue, dust removal and coal conveying system, the system is extremely easy to leak and cause environmental pollution due to the constant influence of friction, corrosion, collision, impact and other factors of the medium.
Is the power plant to improve safety and civilized production, strive for first-class difficulties. For this reason, each power plant has adopted different leakage control methods accordingly. The silicon carbide wear parts:sic wear resistant lining is an ideal leak-resisting material, and its wear-resisting, practicability and economy are superior to other wear-resisting materials.

1. Main performance characteristics of silicon carbide wear parts:

(1) high hardness, its rockwell hardness is 85-90.
(2) good wear resistance, long service life, its wear resistance is equivalent to 266 times of manganese steel, high chromium cast iron 171.5 times.
(3) the use of a wide range of, suitable for low-temperature environment of direct transport of adhesive type liner; An impact resistant liner suitable for the impact of large materials; The liner has a straight adhesive type which can adapt to the high temperature environment; It has a fast tubular composite liner adapted to special shape; It has a kind of ceramic fan blade which can adapt to dynamic running and high speed running.
Application of wear-resisting liner of silicon carbide wear-resisting ceramic parts in power plant

2. Application of  silicon carbide wear parts:sic wear resistant lining in power plant

Application in pulverization system: the abrasion of pulverization system in coal-fired power plant is mainly caused by coal dust collision, friction and impact. The high-speed pulverized coal air flow is particularly severe to the pulverizing system equipment, especially to the coal mill outlet pipeline, the primary air pipeline elbow, the thick and thin powder separator inlet and outlet pipeline. For the power plant to control the powder system to take the method: the application of wear-resisting cement, its wear-resisting performance is superior to the steel plate and the strength, adhesion and so on.

Great for you

The shortcoming is the construction difficulty is bigger and the expense is higher. Cast-stone anti-wear, its wear resistance is stronger than the general steel, but its biggest disadvantage is brittle and weight, not only by the equipment system load safety system restrictions, and easy to break in the installation process. Because of the thick and large volume of the slab, the flow cross section of the equipment is reduced, the flow rate is increased, and the wear is aggravated. Its service life is also difficult compared with the wear-resisting ceramic liner.

Make it happen

Silicon carbide wear parts:sic wear resistant lining made of silicon carbide is applied. After the use of powder system is not only wear-resistant, does not fall off, and no impact on the system. Its biggest advantage is simple construction and low cost, showing its good development prospects.

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