Pressureless Sintered Silicon Carbide Sealing Ring

SSIC seal – Silicon carbide ceramic seal rings have a higher friction coefficient than alumina ceramics and hard alloys. Therefore, they are used for high PV values, especially when working with strong acids and alkalis.

Production Process:

  1. The ingredients are made, the slurry is proportioned, and the initially mixed slurry is granulated by a watering can.
  2. Press molding, the prepared powder is placed in a prelubricated metal grinding tool and then is put on a press, and the pressure is maintained at 45S with a pressure of 16T and the mold is then released.
  3. Before the sintering preform, sintering: sintered in a vacuum furnace at 2100 °C -2200 °C 8h sintering, remove and place at room temperature. Silicon carbide ceramic seals are pressureless sintered. The relative density of sintered products can reach over 96%, and the products do not undergo excessive plastic deformation before and after firing.
  4. Grinding drilling and milling, due to the high hardness of silicon carbide ceramics, the final cracking or cracking occurs in the grinding process, so choose artificial diamond grinding wheel.
  5. Grind the sealing surface is completed by two steps of rough grinding and static grinding.

Great for you

Reaction-bonded silicon carbide sic mechanical seal is the most versatile friction material in mechanical seals.It has strong chemical resistance performance, high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, good self-lubrication, light weight, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high hardness, good dimensionality at extremely high temperatures , strong corrosion resistance and high elastic modulus, long service life and other characteristics.Applicable to the production of various mechanical rings,bearings,bushings and other friction materials.Sic mechanical seal are widely used in petroleum,electric power,light industry,aerospace,automotive,paper and sewage treatment,chemical pump and its rotary machinery and other fields,and paired with carbon graphite,sic mechanical seal has the smallest friction coefficient,it can be used as a high-parameter mechanical seal.

Make it happen

Normal pressure sintering sic mechanical seal is a mixture of fine silicon carbide powder and sintering aids,sintered in inert atmosphere at 2000-2200℃,belongs to a higher performance silicon carbide ceramic.Due to the compactness of the material matrix,the content of free silicon and free carbon is extremely lower,it has been widely used in high purity,ultra-clean,fine chemicals and other fields.The ultra-precision machining of the surface of the product results in a smaller friction coefficient than that of the alumina ceramic and the cemented carbide during the assembly and pairing.Therefore,it has a high PV value and particularly suitable for conveying strong acids, alkalis and corrosive liquids.The pressureless sintered silicon carbide product produced by our company,such as sic mechanical seal,have the characteristics of high density (3.10g/cm3-3.20g/cm3) and high hardness. Its hardness is comparable to that of diamond. It can produce various sic mechanical seal rings with various shapes, such as flat rings, single-side step rings, multi-step rings, etc.

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